Ro Ferrelli

Meet Ro Ferrelli.  She’s an Intuitive Life Coach, motivational speaker, writer and medium.  She’s awesome.  Ro is also in the middle of a rebrand of her business and needed, not just a new headshot, but a library of images of “Ro…just being Ro!”  Together we worked together and created a library of images that Ro can use for all of her marketing, website, social media, PR, online dating (JK She’s married and has a beautiful 7 year old daughter)…all of her needs.  We spent hours that day together in the studio really getting to know eachother and what makes each of us “tick”.  I captured Ro and her brand in a style that’s fun and professional…just like Ro.

The process of branding or rebranding can be daunting, but it also can be fun.  I can bring your brand visually to life.  Let’s chat.


See you soon,


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