i EXTRA love you

Last Saturday, March 21 was World Down Syndrome Day and the premier of the “i EXTRA love you” portrait exhibit held at Gallery 2014 in Downtown Hollywood.  ”i EXTRA love you” was the brain child of dear friend and Down Syndrome advocate Daniela Roeder, who’s brother Alex was born with Down Syndrome.  Together along with the Gold Coast Down Syndrome Association, Gallery 2014 and making use of the gorgeous Heart installation in Courtney Studios by amazing artist Alissa Alfonso, “i EXTRA love you” was born.  This project filled me with more pride and joy than any other charitable work I have done in my life.  The smiles on these kids faces and the happiness that it brought their families is something I wish I could bottle and save forever.  In case you missed Saturday’s exhibit, here are the portraits.  28 gorgeous children and young adults.  If you’d like to see pictures of the actual event click here.  They are on the Courtney Studios facebook page.

south_florida_family_photographer_19_downs south_florida_family_photographer_4_downs south_florida_family_photographer_5_downs south_florida_family_photographer_20_downs south_florida_family_photographer_6_downs south_florida_family_photographer_8_downs south_florida_family_photographer_22_downs south_florida_family_photographer_9_downs south_florida_family_photographer_10_downs south_florida_family_photographer_24_downs south_florida_family_photographer_11_downs south_florida_family_photographer_12_downs south_florida_family_photographer_21_downs south_florida_family_photographer_13_downs south_florida_family_photographer_14_downs south_florida_family_photographer_23_downs south_florida_family_photographer_15_downs south_florida_family_photographer_16_downs south_florida_family_photographer_17_downs south_florida_family_photographer_18_downs south_florida_family_photographer_25_downs

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