Rockets of Awesome

Preparing your kids’ wardrobe for your custom family portrait session can be agonizing.  Believe me, I have three kids.  But I’m happy to say I have found a SOLUTION!  Rockets of Awesome!!!  Rockets of Awesome is a subscription clothing service for kids.  The service is FREE.  Only keep what you like.  The style options are on trend at price points that never go out of style.  I was truly blown away by the quality and the variety of pieces included.  I filled out a style questionnaire for all three of my kiddos and it wasn’t long before their boxes were at my door.  I only wish I had found out about it before spending money on back to school clothes.

But I digress, back to my point, Rockets of Awesome can definitely take the headache of styling your kids’ wardrobe for your family portraits.  I had a little fun with my Stella at the studio with a few of her favorite pieces.  upper_school_walkathon-3 upper_school_walkathon-5 upper_school_walkathon-6 upper_school_walkathon-10 upper_school_walkathon-11 upper_school_walkathon-12 upper_school_walkathon-14 upper_school_walkathon-15 upper_school_walkathon-16 upper_school_walkathon-22 upper_school_walkathon-29 upper_school_walkathon-30 upper_school_walkathon-32 upper_school_walkathon-40 upper_school_walkathon-45 upper_school_walkathon-50 upper_school_walkathon-60 upper_school_walkathon-63 upper_school_walkathon-65 upper_school_walkathon-66 upper_school_walkathon-69 upper_school_walkathon-72 upper_school_walkathon-73 upper_school_walkathon-74 upper_school_walkathon-77