How do you Eclipse?

What a day!  First Day of School and an amazing solar eclipse.  Obligatory “First Day of School” portraits can be seen on my facebook page.  If we’re not personal friends, let’s be friends and you can check out my not so cooperative kids here!

The Eclipse was the perfect transition into school.  Picked the kids up early and headed to my parents’ house to swim in the pool and share our one pair of eclipse glasses.  It was pretty darn perfect.

I don’t share as many pictures of my kiddos on the Courtney Studios blog as I once did, probably because I don’t take as many pictures of my kids as they’ve gotten older.   When I take my camera out they usually tend to run in the opposite direction.  As you notice, all the photos below, my kids are wearing the eclipse glasses, which means they couldn’t see me.  Therefore, I was able to get some great candid shots.

Custom portrait sessions, in time for the holidays, are now available by appointment.  954-368-6821

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