Headshot Brunch recap

I just sent out the last Headshot Brunch gallery today.  Yay me!   To date, Headshot Brunch is my favorite event ever hosted at my portrait studio in Hollywood.  I LOVE being able to meet and collaborate with other successful small business owners.  We’re all in the game.   It’s inspiring to hear what other people are doing to make it happen and take their business to the next level.  By total chance, this round of Headshot Brunch was exclusively women.  So for me, getting to hang out and connect was like an amazing business mastermind over the course of two days.  I definitely came out the winner.

One of the topics that frequently comes up in conversations is the importance of custom branded photography for business.  (probably yes because they are getting photographed) Branded custom photography is that detail that can make or break a business.  In this age of social media, dynamic imagery is EVERYTHING!!  Awesome quality images of you, doing your thing, telling your business’s story for your instagram and Facebook accounts can be a game changer for sure.  I’ve started giving Courtney Studios some much needed attention this fall.  New professional branded portraits taken by my dear friend, Heather Coronell.  (you can see some sneaks here)  I also just hired a freelance writer, Michelle Dempsey of Very Well Written to rewrite all the copy on my website.  I’ve always written, or attempted to write, my own copy.  I am NOT a writer.  After 10 years I realized it’s time to leave things to the professionals and have it done right.  (And finally get on the first page of Google.)  As I build and grow my own business, so does my passion for helping others grow and build theirs through custom branded photography.  I love seeing visions and brands come to life.  Let’s chat about yours.

courtney@courtneystudios.com  954-367-6821

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