Today is Labor Day.  Trying to get a little work done before calling it a night.  Had a super fun weekend with family and friends, and now I’m trying to set myself up for a productive and successful week.  What makes tonight a little more interesting is that were just 10 days post Hurricane Harvey and now we’re anxiously watching Hurricane Irma out in the Carribbean as it seems to be barreling toward South Florida.  So as I’m looking at “my week” do I plan to go forward with my schedule “as is” or do I plan to get the heck out of Dodge?  With Harvey images fresh in my mind and the fact that Irma is a fat category 4, chances are we should probably hit the road.  And sooner than later is always for the best.  So tonight, before we get into Hurricane frenzy mode, I’m blogging as if my week is going to go forward without a hitch.

Meet gorgeous Charlotte.  She’s 16.    To celebrate, she spent a fabulous weekend at the Boca Resort with her even more fabulous mama and her best friends.  It was definitely a weekend to remember.  Thank you for allowing to me to photograph and capture this special day for both of you.  I love how her mom was able to jump in for a few special portraits.

I hope you had a great relaxing weekend with family and friends.  I’ll be in the studio this week along with doing my due diligence hurricane preparations.

See you soon,


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