How do you Eclipse?

What a day!  First Day of School and an amazing solar eclipse.  Obligatory “First Day of School” portraits can be seen on my facebook page.  If we’re not personal friends, let’s be friends and you can check out my not so cooperative kids here!

The Eclipse was the perfect transition into school.  Picked the kids up early and headed to my parents’ house to swim in the pool and share our one pair of eclipse glasses.  It was pretty darn perfect.

I don’t share as many pictures of my kiddos on the Courtney Studios blog as I once did, probably because I don’t take as many pictures of my kids as they’ve gotten older.   When I take my camera out they usually tend to run in the opposite direction.  As you notice, all the photos below, my kids are wearing the eclipse glasses, which means they couldn’t see me.  Therefore, I was able to get some great candid shots.

Custom portrait sessions, in time for the holidays, are now available by appointment.  954-368-6821

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I EXTRA Love You

The 3rd Annual “i EXTRA Love You” portrait event took place on Saturday, February 11.  “i EXTRA Love You” is a portrait exhibit that celebrates all that is EXTRA special about individuals with Down Syndrome.  55 amazing people came through the studio doors on Saturday to sit for their portrait.  A huge increase from the 25 people that participated 2 years ago in our first event back in 2015.

“i EXTRA Love You” is truly a passion project shared with my good friend Daniela Roeder. Daniela’s brother, Alex has Down Syndrome and she’s been an advocate and voice for the community since the day he was born.   Daniela came to me with an “idea” for a portrait project, and I was immediately on board and look forward to what’s to come.

The portraits will be on display during the Downtown Hollywood’s Art Walk on Saturday, March 18 to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day at Gallery 2014.  I hope to see you all there.

Please excuse these behind the scenes images taken with an iPhone.

I_extra_love_you_1 I_extra_love_you_2 I_extra_love_you_3 I_extra_love_you_4 I_extra_love_you_5 I_extra_love_you_6 I_extra_love_you_7 I_extra_love_you_8 I_extra_love_you_9 I_extra_love_you_10 I_extra_love_you_11 I_extra_love_you_12 I_extra_love_you_13 I_extra_love_you_14 I_extra_love_you_15


World Down Syndrome Day 2016

On Saturday, February 6 we held our second “I EXTRA Love you” portrait session.  In collaboration with my good friend Daniela Roeder, over 50 amazing individuals with Down Syndrome came to the studio to be photographed.  The portraits will be on display during downtown Hollywood’s ArtWalk on Saturday March 19, from 7-10pm at Gallery 2014 in celebration of World Down Syndrome Day.  It’s a family friendly event.  You can see  highlights from last year’s “I EXTRA Love You” portrait exhibit here.  Thank you Daniela for these amazing behind the scenes images.

Spring is almost here and it’s a great time to schedule your custom portrait session at the studio.  We have lots of new backdrops and fun chairs.

This Monday, February 29 from 10-1,  we’re hosting an open house at the studio and  shopping event.  Check out the spring release from Matilda Jane Clothing (one of my all time faves), Beautycounter (safe and clean cosmetics and skin care), and Do-Terra Essential Oils.  For more information on Monday’s event please go to our event page on Facebook.  If you’re in the neighborhood I’d love to see you.

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wdsd2016_16 wdsd2016_2 wdsd2016_3 wdsd2016_4 wdsd2016_5 wdsd2016_6 wdsd2016_7 wdsd2016_8 wdsd2016_9 wdsd2016_10 wdsd2016_11 wdsd2016_12 wdsd2016_13 wdsd2016_14 wdsd2016_15 wdsd2016_17 wdsd2016

Happy Labor Day…almost | South Florida Commercial Photographer

It’s almost Friday and the start of a three day weekend.  We survived the first weeks of school and Monday off is pretty awesome.  Summer is officially over.  EVERYONE is back to school the Tuesday after Labor Day right!?   To commemorate the lazy days of summer I’m sharing anther “One Shoot a Week.”  “One Shoot a Week” is a collaborative photography project with my good friend and amazing artist, Alissa Alfonso.  It was a fun way to combine her artistic eye and love of everything vintage, with the love of our kids, and photography.  This shoot took place at the beginning of the summer.  It was a cover shoot for the Hollywood Gazette’s story on Food Trucks in Hollywood.  A big thanks to Hippops for coming out and playing with us that morning.

south_florida_commercial_photographer_1_hippopssouth_florida_commercial_photographer_2_hippopssouth_florida_commercial_photographer_3_hippopssouth_florida_commercial_photographer_4_hippopssouth_florida_commercial_photographer_5_hippopsSee you soon,






One Shoot A Week | South Florida Family Photographer

Sometimes the best shoots are completely impromptu.  This is something of how it went.

Alissa, “My husband’s cousin owns a vintage fire truck.  He’s bringing it over to show all the kids in our family at 4:00.  Come over.”

Me, “Awesome!”

And I checked my “One Shoot a Week” off my list.

Owen’s done with camp for the summer, so he finally is making an appearance.  Doesn’t he just look so happy?!  I love summertime.

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Courtney Ortiz Photography

“It’s Who You Are…”

The Kids | South Florida Family Photography

I have been plugging along this summer with my personal project; One Shoot a Week.  Artist and friend, Alissa Alfonso and I have collaborated on each shoot, at times being able to capture all 6 of our kids together.  We’ll eventually get to share all of them.  This particular shoot at Greynolds Park went something like this.

Me, “Hey Alissa, what are you up to today?” (I had two kids at home.  She had all 3.)

Alissa, “Let’s get the kids out of the house and head to  Greynolds Park.”

As a native Miami-an, I’m embarrassed to say I’d never been there.  15 minutes later I got to her house.  She had tied Chinese fish lanterns to some sticks and we were off on another adventure.

It’s Summertime for sure.

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Courtney Ortiz Photography

“It’s Who You Are…”


Stella, Goldie, & Charlotte | South Florida Family Photographer

Someone recently asked me what percentage of my time do I spend actually shooting versus working on the business end of the studio.  It’s really an 80/20 split, with 20% being the time I spend behind the camera.  Most of what I do in my business isn’t photography related at all, but marketing and accounting and networking….blah blah blah.  So it feels good to actually get out and really flex that creative muscle.  To shoot for the pure love of photography.  To shoot for myself.  My very good friend, artist Alissa Alfonso (follow her on instagram and twitter @a5stitch) and I are collaborating this summer on a series of shoots that reflect “summer”.   We start with a very loose plan and then let the kids do their thing.  For this shoot, the second we’ve collaborated on this summer, I wanted to use Alissa’s collection of vintage sheets.   I’m thrilled with the outcome.   Now to decide how to display them in Stella’s room.

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Courtney Ortiz Photography

“It’s Who You Are…”

First Days… | Ft. Lauderdale Family Photographer

Today, Owen joined the ranks of school children all over the United States.  He started kindergarten.  I’m really excited about this new adventure of his, and I think he truly is ready to be a “big boy”.  Stella started school last week.  She’ll be going three days a week, which means we’ll have two weekly “girls’ days”.  I hope to make them very special.

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 courtney ortiz photography

“It’s Who You Are…”