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Here it is, another one of the last of the regular studio sessions.  And another adorable little boy who is about to be a big brother.  Although this mom to be (again) is going to have another little boy.  It was really important to her that we get some lollipop shots.  It seems that dad has some lollipop images of him when he was a little boy and mom wants to carry on the tradition.   I can just imagine the gorgeous wall display those images are going to make;  dad, sebastian, and soon to be baby #2 (in a couple of years) all enjoying a luscious much too large lollipop.   I’m really looking forward to meeting baby #2 in August.  We already have our newborn session tentatively on the calendar.

My two sisters and I have started a new home design blog, sisters not designers.  (  I use the term “design” loosely.  Neither of us are designers, but have just recently all embarked on new life/living situations in the past few months and decided to document it all with pictures, current stories, and anecdotes of growing up in our crazy family.  It’s a fun project to work on with them, and it challenges me as a photographer.  Taking pictures of “things” doesn’t actually fit into my comfort zone, so it’s a great creative activity for me.

That being said, tomorrow starts our second week of summer vacation.  Owen starts soccer camp, and I’m looking to take my kids bowling. (AMF Summer Unplugged, free bowling for the kiddos).  I hope you all are enjoying your summer.  Have fun and be safe!

Remember, 15+ comments on the blog and this family receives a complimentary 8×10 print.  C’mom, show them some love!!!

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Big Brother | Ft. Lauderdale Family Photographer

This session was my last official studio session in my downtown Hollywood studio location.  I have a few other sessions to post prior to this one, but after this one, I handed over my key, and called it a day.  This adorable little cutie, Stevie, is about to become a big brother at the end of the summer. Mom is having a baby girl!

Today is officially the first day of summer for all kids here in South Florida!  My kids got out of school last week, but the rest of the public schools’ last day was yesterday.  In celebration of summer, clients that receive 15+ blog comments (on the blog, not facebook) within 7 days of their blog post being published will receive a complimentary 8×10 gift print.  Show this family some love!!  So starting right now, any post published in June will be in on this.

I do have two downtown Hollywood mini session dates set for October 15 and November 12.   A mini session is $125 and includes a 30 minute portrait session, at least 20 images in a password protected online gallery, and in person ordering of your images. All studio specialty products will be available a la carte. Spaces are limited and these are the only mini session dates for 2011 and are available on a first come first serve basis.  Email me or call 9545586893 for more info.

Have a great weekend!

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Lifestyle/Maternity Session…

I am falling in love with what is Hollywood Beach more and more each day.  My family and I are living on the beach this summer until the end of August, and it’s been a transition for sure, but I know that  my husband and I are going to look back  on these three months as some of the most magical of our lives.

One of the reasons that I am falling in love more and more with Hollywood Beach is because I am shooting here all the time.  Everyone who has grown up in South Florida has some memory of Hollywood Beach and when my clients step out onto that broadwalk for the first time in years, they are immediately taken back. The look has changed (thank god!), but the sights, the sounds, the smells, the people, the families are still there.  They’re the same as they were when we were kids.    This gorgeous soon to be mother of two, grew up in Miami Beach, but remembers that when her mother took her and her brother to the beach, they always came to Hollywood Beach.  We even reminisced about the old pizza place that used to be just south of the bandshell (I can’t remember the name).

Marci is five weeks away from having a little girl.  This little one has big shoes to fill.  She has an adorable and charming big brother.

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