Taylor’s Closet

Being an active part of my community is a passion of mine.   There are so many different organizations to be a part of, that sometimes it can be overwhelming to find a cause that’s near and dear to your heart.

I first walked into Taylor’s Closet in 2011.  At that time they had a very small space housed in a church in Pompano Beach.  Walking in those doors was magic for me.  What they were doing to help at risk girls blew my mind.  I knew I wanted to be a part of Taylor’s Closet and give my time and talents to them.  Fast forward 6 years and the amazing non profit has moved into an AMAZING new space in Ft Lauderdale.   To really understand what they do, I encourage you to check out their website.  Their mission below is directly from their website.


Taylor’s Closet’s mission is to create a community in which girls in need will be empowered to break the cycle of abuse and neglect and live happy, healthy, and productive lives, realizing their God given destiny.

We provide a safe place where girls can shop for free designer clothing. We engage the girls in a healthy dialogue about important issues that affect each of their lives. We conduct weekly workshops focused on design and art to help girls unlock their creative talents.”

Zach, Sam & Alex

Meet Zach, Sam & Alex.  They came to play with me one Saturday at the studio.  We split the time between “inside” and exploring some great “outside” spots on the streets of Downtown Hollywood.

Mom decided on this 10×10 linen album with custom jacket to showcase and enjoy her family portraits.

I met this amazing family at Lehrman Community Day School.  For the past few years, I’ve spent a lot of time at the school photographing the students and staff for marketing as well as the students’ official school portraits.   It’s been great getting to know the students as I’ve watched many of them grow up.

Also, don’t forget, any custom portrait session booked between now and Mother’s Day will receive a $100 print credit to be used towards the future print order.  Schedule your session today.

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Custom Portrait Collage

The studio’s most popular portrait option is the custom collage.  With a choice of 9 or 16 images and starting at a size of 20×20, the custom collage is a fabulous way to have a statement of piece of portrait art without a huge wall space commitment.

The weather right now is PERFECT for a custom family portrait session.  Mother’s Day is around the corner and portraits make fabulous gifts.

I want to send out a huge THANK YOU to whoever nominated me as a “KIDS CROWN NOMINEE” for Best Family Photographer in South Florida Parenting Magazine.  Voting will start soon.  Stay tuned for more details.

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This portrait cracks me up. Didn’t make the collage, but definitely brings a smile to my face.



The Session Album

One of the many options I offer portrait clients is the 8×8 Session Album.  30 of your favorite images from your custom portrait session carefully printed, custom bound and finished by hand in the style of traditional bookmakers. With true silver halide printing on Fuji portrait grade paper to guarantee the best color reproduction and delivery of the finest details, the flush mount design and mounted pages create stability and durability.  The Session Album is truly an heirloom.

I love how the family recreated a classic family photo from years past for their cover photo.

Mother’s Day is just around the corner…..hint hint

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album_2017-1 album_2017-2 album_2017-4 album_2017-6 album_2017-9 album_2017-10 album_2017-12


Justin and Ari

It’s been three years since I last saw Justin and Ari.  Ari was just a little baby. (You can check out their first portrait session here!)

From that first portrait session, back in summer of 2013, we designed a wall gallery that was made up of 4 16×20 gallery canvas.

south_florida_family_photographer-1_abram south_florida_family_photographer-2_abram south_florida_family_photographer-5_abram

But since then the family has moved and we have some amazing portraits from their last portrait session that was held in the studio.  Boy have these kiddos grown!!!!

After a slow summer spending lots of time with my own three rugrats, photographing this family was the jump start I needed to get back in the studio and to gear up for what is going to be a very busy fall season.  I am so thrilled with the options this family has to create more fine art,  that I created their own dedicated “Lookbook” section of the website.  The portrait below is just a little teaser.  Wanna see more?

You can HERE!!!!!

Custom portrait sessions book up quickly.   Contact me today!

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Courtney Studios

South Florida’s Premier Fine Art Portrait Studio

World Down Syndrome Day 2016

On Saturday, February 6 we held our second “I EXTRA Love you” portrait session.  In collaboration with my good friend Daniela Roeder, over 50 amazing individuals with Down Syndrome came to the studio to be photographed.  The portraits will be on display during downtown Hollywood’s ArtWalk on Saturday March 19, from 7-10pm at Gallery 2014 in celebration of World Down Syndrome Day.  It’s a family friendly event.  You can see  highlights from last year’s “I EXTRA Love You” portrait exhibit here.  Thank you Daniela for these amazing behind the scenes images.

Spring is almost here and it’s a great time to schedule your custom portrait session at the studio.  We have lots of new backdrops and fun chairs.

This Monday, February 29 from 10-1,  we’re hosting an open house at the studio and  shopping event.  Check out the spring release from Matilda Jane Clothing (one of my all time faves), Beautycounter (safe and clean cosmetics and skin care), and Do-Terra Essential Oils.  For more information on Monday’s event please go to our event page on Facebook.  If you’re in the neighborhood I’d love to see you.

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Matilda Jane Trunk Show

If you know me even a little bit, you know how much I love Matilda Jane Clothing for girls.  If Anthro had a baby, it would be Matilda Jane.  I am excited to host a trunk show here at the studio this Thursday from 11-1.  The styles are adorable and timeless (and completely age appropriate if you catch my drift), perfect for back to school.  We’re also collecting lunchboxes full of lunchbox snacks to benefit Mobile School Pantry.  I can’t sing their praises enough.  Mobile School Pantry brings food to families in need to the school for distribution rather than having families go to a food bank or soup kitchen.  Take a minute and check out their website.  And then stop by the studio on Thursday to drop off your lunchbox full of lunchbox snacks.

matildajanead Fill-A-Lunch-boxAnd because I can’t post without a picture…..how’s this for cuteness overload?



Meet Aniela.  Gorgeous, funny, vibrant, and breast cancer survivor.  I had the pleasure of spending a morning with Aniela to photograph her for the cover of the Hollywood GazetteRead her cover story here.

Aniela is an amazing, inspiring woman.

south_florida_portrait_photographer_1_aniela south_florida_portrait_photographer_2_aniela south_florida_portrait_photographer_3_aniela south_florida_portrait_photographer_4_aniela south_florida_portrait_photographer_5_aniela  south_florida_portrait_photographer_7_aniela south_florida_portrait_photographer_8_aniela south_florida_portrait_photographer_9_aniela south_florida_portrait_photographer_10_aniela

Custom Framing

There is no doubt that a  beautiful frame adds a classic touch to portrait photography.  At Courtney Studios, we offer a line of 8 distinct frame styles to compliment your portrait art.   These three framed 11×14 prints will hang proudly in the family room.  Can you imagine the smile it will put on “mom’s” face each time she walks into the room?

Courtney Studios…we put smiles on faces!

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south_florida_family_photographer_3_frames south_florida_family_photographer_2_frames south_florida_family_photographer_1_frames south_florida_family_photographer_4_frames

i EXTRA love you

Last Saturday, March 21 was World Down Syndrome Day and the premier of the “i EXTRA love you” portrait exhibit held at Gallery 2014 in Downtown Hollywood.  ”i EXTRA love you” was the brain child of dear friend and Down Syndrome advocate Daniela Roeder, who’s brother Alex was born with Down Syndrome.  Together along with the Gold Coast Down Syndrome Association, Gallery 2014 and making use of the gorgeous Heart installation in Courtney Studios by amazing artist Alissa Alfonso, “i EXTRA love you” was born.  This project filled me with more pride and joy than any other charitable work I have done in my life.  The smiles on these kids faces and the happiness that it brought their families is something I wish I could bottle and save forever.  In case you missed Saturday’s exhibit, here are the portraits.  28 gorgeous children and young adults.  If you’d like to see pictures of the actual event click here.  They are on the Courtney Studios facebook page.

south_florida_family_photographer_19_downs south_florida_family_photographer_4_downs south_florida_family_photographer_5_downs south_florida_family_photographer_20_downs south_florida_family_photographer_6_downs south_florida_family_photographer_8_downs south_florida_family_photographer_22_downs south_florida_family_photographer_9_downs south_florida_family_photographer_10_downs south_florida_family_photographer_24_downs south_florida_family_photographer_11_downs south_florida_family_photographer_12_downs south_florida_family_photographer_21_downs south_florida_family_photographer_13_downs south_florida_family_photographer_14_downs south_florida_family_photographer_23_downs south_florida_family_photographer_15_downs south_florida_family_photographer_16_downs south_florida_family_photographer_17_downs south_florida_family_photographer_18_downs south_florida_family_photographer_25_downs