Trick or Treat at Courtney Studios

Halloween was a little over two weeks ago, but it’s never too late to share the amazing portraits of the kiddos who came out for our “Trick or Treat to Benefit Mobile School Pantry” event at Courtney Studios.  I am overwhelmed by the participation and support of so many friends in the community.  With your support, we raised enough money to provide a complete Thanksgiving dinner to 10 families in Hollywood.  Together we definitely can make a difference to children in South Florida and say “NO” to hunger.

All my love,


south_florida_family_photographer_16_halloween south_florida_family_photographer_15_halloween south_florida_family_photographer_14_halloween south_florida_family_photographer_12_halloween south_florida_family_photographer_11_halloween south_florida_family_photographer_10_halloween south_florida_family_photographer_9_halloween south_florida_family_photographer_8_halloween south_florida_family_photographer_7_halloween south_florida_family_photographer_6_halloween south_florida_family_photographer_5_halloween south_florida_family_photographer_4_halloween south_florida_family_photographer_3_halloween south_florida_family_photographer_2_halloween south_florida_family_photographer_1_halloween

south_florida_family_photographer_17_halloween south_florida_family_photographer_18_halloween south_florida_family_photographer_19_halloween south_florida_family_photographer_20_halloween south_florida_family_photographer_21_halloween south_florida_family_photographer_22_halloween south_florida_family_photographer_23_halloween south_florida_family_photographer_24_halloween south_florida_family_photographer_25_halloween south_florida_family_photographer_26_halloween south_florida_family_photographer_27_halloween south_florida_family_photographer_28_halloween south_florida_family_photographer_29_halloween south_florida_family_photographer_30_halloween south_florida_family_photographer_31_halloween

Matilda Jane Trunk Show

If you know me even a little bit, you know how much I love Matilda Jane Clothing for girls.  If Anthro had a baby, it would be Matilda Jane.  I am excited to host a trunk show here at the studio this Thursday from 11-1.  The styles are adorable and timeless (and completely age appropriate if you catch my drift), perfect for back to school.  We’re also collecting lunchboxes full of lunchbox snacks to benefit Mobile School Pantry.  I can’t sing their praises enough.  Mobile School Pantry brings food to families in need to the school for distribution rather than having families go to a food bank or soup kitchen.  Take a minute and check out their website.  And then stop by the studio on Thursday to drop off your lunchbox full of lunchbox snacks.

matildajanead Fill-A-Lunch-boxAnd because I can’t post without a picture…’s this for cuteness overload?



Meet Aniela.  Gorgeous, funny, vibrant, and breast cancer survivor.  I had the pleasure of spending a morning with Aniela to photograph her for the cover of the Hollywood GazetteRead her cover story here.

Aniela is an amazing, inspiring woman.

south_florida_portrait_photographer_1_aniela south_florida_portrait_photographer_2_aniela south_florida_portrait_photographer_3_aniela south_florida_portrait_photographer_4_aniela south_florida_portrait_photographer_5_aniela  south_florida_portrait_photographer_7_aniela south_florida_portrait_photographer_8_aniela south_florida_portrait_photographer_9_aniela south_florida_portrait_photographer_10_aniela


We are so excited to be a part of the “Complete Wedding Package”  the ultimate prize up for Auction at the The Gay & Lesbian Lawyers Network’s 4th annual GALA at Ocean Manor Hotel
(4040 Galt Ocean Drive, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308) on Sunday, April 12, 2015.

This year’s GALA features a live auction of a complete Wedding Package. Tom Dowd, from Water Mill
Flowers, assembled the package with local businesses.   The Riverside Hotel are providing the venue.  The amazing wedding package will be auctioned and is valued at just over $21,000; it includes a venue with sit down brunch for up to 75 people (value of $110 per person), flowers, photography, videography, chocolates, spa package, invitations, complete liquor for 75 people, wedding cake, Hair and Make-up, event planning, DJ, and Lipotronic sessions.  GLLN invites everyone to purchase a ticket at and help support the LGBT Youth in Broward.

The Wedding Package donors include: Riverside Hotel; Watermill Flowers; Premier Beverage; Storks
Catering; Ton VanGard; Cabanas Day Spa; Devin “I Do” Events; Photography by Courtney Studios; Palm Sky Video Productions; Fast Printz; MTM Event Planner and Entertainment; JP’s Chocolatier and SCS
Weightloss System.



i EXTRA love you

“i EXTRA love you” is a photography collaboration between the Gold Coast Down Syndrome Organization and myself.  The project evolved really organically.  Daniela Roeder, a good friend and very involved in the Gold Coast Down Syndrome Organization because her brother, 15, has down syndrome, has been discussing this project with me for months and we finally went forward with it.  On Saturday, 30 kids ages 8 mos-24 years came through the studio for a quick portrait sitting.  The focus is what makes each kid so “extra”, referencing the extra chromosome associated with Down Syndrome.  It was really amazing.  “i EXTRA love you” premiers on World Down Syndrome Day, Saturday, March 21 at Gallery 2014 (2014 Harrison St) in downtown Hollywood.

Portraits from the shoot won’t be revealed until then, but here are some great #bts (behind the scenes) images from that day taken by Daniela with her trusty iphone.

For more information on the project please “Like” the facebook page.

IMG_2331 2 IMG_2332 IMG_2334 IMG_2335  IMG_2337 IMG_2338 IMG_2339 IMG_2340 IMG_2341 IMG_2342 IMG_2343 IMG_2344 IMG_2345 IMG_2346 IMG_2347 IMG_2348 IMG_2349 IMG_2350 IMG_2351 IMG_2352 IMG_2353

First Annual Coconut Grove Pumpkin Patch | Miami Family Photographer

This weekend marked the First Annual Coconut Grove Pumpkin Patch at Peacock Park in Miami.  Together with the The Salvage Snob, a fabulous design company that was “born from the idea of designing with what you have, what once belonged to someone you love, and finding new homes for previously-owned things”, I photographed 88 families in a vintage inspired vignette  designed by “the snobs” all for the Children’s Home Society of Miami.  We raised $1000 which the Coconut Grove Pumpkin Patch matched dollar for dollar making for a total of $2,000.

Here’s the very first family that I photographed on Saturday.  Gorgeous family, gorgeous setting all for an amazing cause.

See you soon,


courtney ortiz photography

“It’s Who You Are…”

Taylor's Closet

I’ve been shooting for the Heart Gallery of Broward County for 5 years.  During this time, I’ve had the privilege to meet amazing people and attend a number of amazing events.  Although nothing has been as amazing as my last shoot for the Heart Gallery of Broward at Taylor’s Closet.   Taylor’s Closet is a clothing boutique that rivals that of Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters, however the beautiful clothing in this store is for young girls in need and is completely 100% free.  I know that my description of Taylor’s Closet just doesn’t do it justice.  Take the time and check out their website.  You will be blown away by what the women over there are doing for teenage girls.  In fact, Taylor’s Closet was started by Lindsey Giambattista when she was 14 years old.  Now in college, Lindsey is a finalist in Seventeen Magazine’s “Pretty Amazing Contest.” The way Taylor’s Closet touches the lives of girls goes way beyond “Pretty Amazing.”

Meet Malayzia.  Malayzia celebrated her sweet 16 at Taylor’s Closet with a shopping spree (at no cost) and a complete makeover.  Malayzia is available for adoption.  I photograph children all the time.  It’s MY JOB.  And let me tell you, Malayzia has “it”.  She’s beautiful, sweet, kind, and fabulously photogenic.  In fact, she truly could model.   But what would mean more to her than a modeling contract, is a family.

If you’d like more information on Malayzia or how you can get more involved in both the Heart Gallery of Broward or Taylor’s Closet please check out their websites and make an inquiry.

See you soon,


Fellow photographer and friend Sarah Cardenas also getting in on the fun!

courtney ortiz photography

“It’s Who You Are…”



Heart Gallery of Broward | Ft. Lauderdale Family Photographer

Yesterday was a momentous day for the Heart Gallery of Broward.  They celebrated their 100 and 101st adoptions.  The Heart Gallery is photography exhibit of children that are available for adoption.  All portraits are taken by volunteer professional photographers.  I’ve had the honor and privilege of being a photographer for the Heart Gallery of Broward for the past 4 years, and this year I sit on the board of directors for the Florida Association of Heart Galleries.  Every child that is available for adoption in the state of Florida has a picture in a database online for prospective adoptive parents.  For most children, this picture is taken by a social worker with a cell phone.  Children that are photographed for the Heart Gallery have their professional portrait in the database rather than a government issued cell phone picture.  I don’t have to tell you the difference between the quality of an image taken by a cell phone and an image taken by a professional photographer.  The difference is profound.  As much as are taught not to judge a book by it’s cover, we also know that first impressions are everything.  And for many prospective adoptive parents, its the initial photograph of the child that is the main attraction.  The entire existence of the Heart Gallery is based on the power of photography.  A picture says a thousand words, and for parents who first see their future child  in the Heart Gallery I can’t even begin to imagine what that portrait says to them.  There are Heart Galleries all across the United States.  Each Heart Gallery is independent yet all with the same goal – To find forever families for children.  Out of all the organizations and charitable groups to get involved in, what is more important that finding homes for children??!!  I urge every photographer to explore their local Heart Gallery and get involved.  It takes so little of your time, and yet can make such a profound difference in the life of a child.  I’ve been fortunate to have four children that  I’ve photographed for the Heart Gallery be adopted.  One of which I attended and photographed the adoption proceedings.  Besides giving birth to my own children, it was one of the most emotional and happiest days of my life.  You can see images from that amazing day here.

This next family really speaks to my heart.  These parents have been champions in the fight for same sex couples to have the right to adopt.  Love is love, and this family is bursting with it.

See you soon,


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modern family photography

National Down Syndrome Society "Buddy Walk" | Ft. Lauderdale Photographer

I am so excited that for the second year in a row I had the opportunity to walk in the annual Buddy Walk sponsored by the National Down Syndrome Society and the Broward Gold Coast Down Syndrome Organization.  This year I attended as the event’s official photographer.   The Buddy Walk took place at the end of October on Hollywood Beach.  It’s an overwhelming experience to be surrounded by families celebrating their children and the love they have for each other.

For more information on Down Syndrome and how you can get involved in the next Buddy Walk click here!!!


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modern family photography

Joe Rose at Casa D'Angelo: Gridiron Grill-Off | Ft. Lauderdale Photographer

Another installment from the 2011 Gridiron Grill-Off lineup:  Miami Dolphin alumni and now NBC-6 sports anchor, #80 Joe Rose and owner/chef of Casa D’Angelo, Angelo Elia.

The Gridiron Grill-Off is Friday, November 18 at the Pompano Beach Amphitheater.  20 teams compete for top grilling honors with proceeds to benefit 4Kids of South Florida.  For more information check out the Gridiron Griller website.

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modern family photography