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The first official boudoir bash date has been announced.  Give YOURSELF the gift of sexy.  Gift certificates available.




It’s HOT Out There!


Boudoir photography is about ONE thing…YOU.  It isn’t about giving a gift to a partner or spouse, but about giving you an experience that inspires YOU, empowers YOU, strengthens YOU.

“Sam made me feel super sexy and confident in a simple, casual setting.  Her expertise in posing made the session go by quickly with amazing results that were beyond my imagination.  I love looking back on my custom album and seeing a side of myself that I need to explore more often.”  -Chelsey

Samantha, Courtney Studios’ boudoir photographer does amazing work.  We limit what we share on the website (gotta keep it family friendly), but we’d love to have you make an appointment for your complimentary boudoir consultation.  Custom boudoir photography sessions start at $350.

See you soon,

Courtney & Samantha

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Meet Samantha

Meet Samantha.  She shoots boudoir exclusively for Courtney Studios and is available for weddings.  Samantha has recently been featured on an amazingly beautiful and thought provoking blog that features the stories of real women.  Here’s the first of three features.  Here.

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Here are some facts about Sam. (in her own words)

*I have 4 kids.  2 girls and 2 boys.

*I worked at blockbuster when vhs existed and threw out my back carrying vhs tapes.  To this day it’s still messed up.

*My favorite show is “Antique Roadshow”

*I love Ikea.

*I collect milkglass.

*I go to my kids’ school on chicken patty day for lunch.

*I have 3 tattoos and I regret them all.

*Florida native, but I don’t own any flip flops.  Not one pair.

*MAC lipstick “Ruby Woo” is a must.

*I’m scared of house lizards.

*My oldest daughter named my youngest son.

*Favorite Song is Blind Melon’s “No Rain”



Bang Boudoir | South Florida Boudoir Photographer

It’s definitely summertime here in South Florida and you either like it hot or you don’t.  So if you like it HOT, you’ll love our brand new sister studio Bang Boudoir.  That’s right…boudoir photography.  I’m excited to introduce the newest photographer at Courtney Ortiz Photography, Samantha Dietz.  Samantha has been empowering women with this once in a lifetime photography experience for years and shoots exclusively for  Bang Boudoir.  This has been a project in the making.  I’m excited and proud to expand and grow COP and honored to have Samantha on board.

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I love Samantha’s work, but due to the family nature of this website, I promise to always keep it PG13.  Stop by for more.

Thank you so much for your continued support.

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