Mother’s Day Portraits

Some beautiful mamas and their adorable kiddos came through the studio on Saturday.  Scroll down for a few sneak peaks.

I’m still celebrating Mother’s Day.   Book your custom portrait session before May 14 and receive a complimentary $100 print credit to use towards your future order.  I have a few appointments available this Saturday (hint, hint).  954-367-6821

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Newborn Smiles

There’s nothing quite like the perfection of a newborn smile.

Having a baby?  It’s never too early to schedule your newborn portrait session.  Always best within the first two weeks.

This Saturday, April 29 are exclusive portrait sessions especially for mama’s and their kiddos.  These limited sessions are $100 and include a $100 print credit, making the session complimentary.  Contact the studio to schedule your appointment.  954-367-6821

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Zach, Sam & Alex

Meet Zach, Sam & Alex.  They came to play with me one Saturday at the studio.  We split the time between “inside” and exploring some great “outside” spots on the streets of Downtown Hollywood.

Mom decided on this 10×10 linen album with custom jacket to showcase and enjoy her family portraits.

I met this amazing family at Lehrman Community Day School.  For the past few years, I’ve spent a lot of time at the school photographing the students and staff for marketing as well as the students’ official school portraits.   It’s been great getting to know the students as I’ve watched many of them grow up.

Also, don’t forget, any custom portrait session booked between now and Mother’s Day will receive a $100 print credit to be used towards the future print order.  Schedule your session today.

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Star Wars

It’s no lie that my son loves to geek out on some Star Wars.  I’ve been meaning to use this in the studio for the longest time.  After two days of being home with me because of strep throat, Owen finally agreed to a quick portrait session.

Do you have a huge Star Wars fan?  A portrait session with a Star Wars edge could be in your future.  (Remember, I’m including a $100 print credit with any session booked between now and Mother’s Day, May 14th.

Voting for the 2017 South Florida Parenting Magazine’s Kids Crown Awards is LIVE.  I honored to be nominated for Best Family Photography.  I’d be truly appreciative if you would take the time to vote.  I can be found on the fourth page under “Family Shopping & Services”.  Vote here  954-367-6821

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Custom Portrait Collage

The studio’s most popular portrait option is the custom collage.  With a choice of 9 or 16 images and starting at a size of 20×20, the custom collage is a fabulous way to have a statement of piece of portrait art without a huge wall space commitment.

The weather right now is PERFECT for a custom family portrait session.  Mother’s Day is around the corner and portraits make fabulous gifts.

I want to send out a huge THANK YOU to whoever nominated me as a “KIDS CROWN NOMINEE” for Best Family Photographer in South Florida Parenting Magazine.  Voting will start soon.  Stay tuned for more details.

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This portrait cracks me up. Didn’t make the collage, but definitely brings a smile to my face.



World Down Syndrome Day

March 21 is World Down Syndrome Day.  What is Down Syndrome?  Most people have 23 pairs of chromosomes, people with Down syndrome have a third copy of the 21st chromosome.  Which is why 3/21 is recognized as World Down Syndrome Day.  This past Saturday was the third annual “I EXTRA Love You” portrait exhibit.   This portrait project is a labor of love between myself and dear friend, Daniela Roeder.  Daniela’s younger brother, Alex has Down Syndrome.  This year it was important to both Daniela and I to showcase the special relationship/bond between siblings.  Daniela, being very close to her brother and an advocate for him and all individuals with Down Syndrome really wanted to show the love that is there.  Myself as the photographer was always so interested in watching the dynamic between siblings when they would come into the studio for the actual “I EXTRA Love You” portrait day.  The sibling always seemed to stand in the shadow of the one with Down Syndrome.    So it was really exciting when Daniela and I met to discuss this year’s event and we both wanted to add a new feature and photograph the sibling groups together.

On Saturday,  55 gorgeous individual portraits were on display at Gallery 2014, as well as 19 sibling portraits, as a part of Downtown Hollywood’s Art Walk celebrating World Down Syndrome Day.

To see the entire “I EXTRA Love You” 2017 portrait collection click here.

2016 here

2015 here

A huge thank you to Gallery 2014 and the Gold Coast Down Syndrome Organization.  Without your cooperation this portrait exhibit would not have been possible.


These two adorable sisters came to the studio for their custom portrait session.  We had a great time, and their dresses are perfect colors for spring.

Appointments are available for portrait sessions this spring.  Perfect for Mother’s Day.

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south_florida_family_photographer_1_greenberg south_florida_family_photographer_2_greenberg south_florida_family_photographer_3_greenberg south_florida_family_photographer_4_greenberg south_florida_family_photographer_5_greenberg south_florida_family_photographer_6_greenberg south_florida_family_photographer_7_greenberg south_florida_family_photographer_8_greenberg south_florida_family_photographer_9_greenberg south_florida_family_photographer_10_greenberg south_florida_family_photographer_11_greenberg south_florida_family_photographer_12_greenberg south_florida_family_photographer_13_greenberg

The Session Album

One of the many options I offer portrait clients is the 8×8 Session Album.  30 of your favorite images from your custom portrait session carefully printed, custom bound and finished by hand in the style of traditional bookmakers. With true silver halide printing on Fuji portrait grade paper to guarantee the best color reproduction and delivery of the finest details, the flush mount design and mounted pages create stability and durability.  The Session Album is truly an heirloom.

I love how the family recreated a classic family photo from years past for their cover photo.

Mother’s Day is just around the corner…..hint hint

See you soon,


album_2017-1 album_2017-2 album_2017-4 album_2017-6 album_2017-9 album_2017-10 album_2017-12


I EXTRA Love You

The 3rd Annual “i EXTRA Love You” portrait event took place on Saturday, February 11.  “i EXTRA Love You” is a portrait exhibit that celebrates all that is EXTRA special about individuals with Down Syndrome.  55 amazing people came through the studio doors on Saturday to sit for their portrait.  A huge increase from the 25 people that participated 2 years ago in our first event back in 2015.

“i EXTRA Love You” is truly a passion project shared with my good friend Daniela Roeder. Daniela’s brother, Alex has Down Syndrome and she’s been an advocate and voice for the community since the day he was born.   Daniela came to me with an “idea” for a portrait project, and I was immediately on board and look forward to what’s to come.

The portraits will be on display during the Downtown Hollywood’s Art Walk on Saturday, March 18 to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day at Gallery 2014.  I hope to see you all there.

Please excuse these behind the scenes images taken with an iPhone.

I_extra_love_you_1 I_extra_love_you_2 I_extra_love_you_3 I_extra_love_you_4 I_extra_love_you_5 I_extra_love_you_6 I_extra_love_you_7 I_extra_love_you_8 I_extra_love_you_9 I_extra_love_you_10 I_extra_love_you_11 I_extra_love_you_12 I_extra_love_you_13 I_extra_love_you_14 I_extra_love_you_15